CUMO Microfinance Limited


CUMOCUMO Microfinance Limited is a not-for-profit rural microfinance company providing financial services and entrepreneurship mentoring to over 59,000 clients (82% of whom are women) in over 4,500 groups across 13 districts of Malawi

Our Mission…
To improve the lives of the rural poor by taking financial services to the doorsteps of remote and difficult to reach communities, with special focus on women.

Our Vision…
To create a viable regional rural microfinance network with capacity to meet the diverse financial needs of remote communities, as part of efforts to reduce poverty.

Our Values…
Responsiveness to clients’ needs using home-grown solutions, innovation and change to achieve cost-effective operations, ensuring
Integrity in delivery of services; Service 
Fair Practices;
Privacy of client personal information;
Integration of  social values and
Existence of feedback mechanisms for Clients.

Our Contacts…
Plot # 214-215 Air Field, Dedza
P O Box 222, DEDZA
+265 1 223 604
7+265 1 223 694
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This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Fast Facts About CUMO

  • The overall objective of CUMO is to enhance the productivity, income and self-reliance of remote rural villagers, including women and the physically challenged, who are currently excluded from critical financial and non-financial services.
  • CUMO is unleashing new self-employment opportunities in rural communities through the provision of an integrated set of financial, micro-insurance, entrepreneurship, vocational, information and market linkage services.
  • These services allow poor villagers to start/grow their on-farm and off-farm businesses.
  • Established in 2000, CUMO is now one of the largest rural microfinance service providers in Malawi with exclusive focus on deprived remote rural villagers.
  • On-time repayment rates have averaged 95% in the last 7 years.
  • Wholly owned by Concern Universal (, a British International NGO.

Service Delivery & Viability

  • CUMO has developed a sustainable microfinance model for poor rural households in Malawi.
  • The model has proven that small businesses can spur big livelihood changes.
  • The positive result and impact of the model has encouraged its upscale/replication in Malawi.
  • Delivers services to clients right in the villages using existing community infrastructure.
  • Offering services through alliance and cooperative agreements with other service providers.
  • Designed as a low-cost, revenue generating and self-sustainable social business enterprise.
  • The basic sustainability model comprises interest income and transaction fees and the use of mobile and existing structures to minimize costs.
  • Currently 100% operationally self sufficient.

What CUMO Services mean to…

Communities We Serve
We are giving them the opportunity to participate in economic activities and improve their livelihood through financial services rendered in their own habitat, language, style and culture.

We are partners in achieving the MDGs and reducing poverty, increasing access to education and financial literacy, empowering women and increasing access to health services for village-clients.

Funding partners
We strongly complement their works in a cost-effective manner in the strategic areas of self employment, health, education and economic growth.

Cooperating Service Providers
(Banks, insurers,  agro-input dealers and mobile phone providers)
We are a strong partner through whom they reach areas and segments that are otherwise impossible to reach. Our collective expertise renders fully integrated services to the excluded rural population of  Malawi.

We are a place where personal and professional satisfaction is attained through assisting poor villagers to work themselves out of poverty.